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Registered US company processes

Date:2021-06-15 | Views:2838
A registered US company processes rules:

1. Determine Company Name (English)

2, to determine the share of each shareholder's proportional allocation
3, to provide US companies registered Guarantee (The Company)
4, to provide the United States registered address (provided by the Company)
5, when a US registered company does not need verification, no funding constraints. When registering the company, a description of the amount of shares issued upon the establishment of the company. Typically the amount of stock issued by the company's initial 1,000 to 100,000 shares. Any time you can increase the number of shares issued in the company.
6, submitted a shareholder or two or more shareholders passport / identity card;
7, submit confirmation registered company, signed an agreement to file;
8, delivered 80% of the deposit;
9, the Association of Governments departments to complete the formalities;
10, fax or scan registration documents;
11, filled the balance;
12, the Association to send you a full set of original material.
13.30 days to complete a full set of procedures for company registration
Two, guidance note:
1, developed three registered Company Name (English), nuclear names can be used if there is no repeat;
2, the US company's business scope;
3, to provide the directors, shareholders name, passport copy, contact phone / fax;
4, to provide at least one director, a shareholder distribution ratio;
5, indicating the percentage of the shares of each shareholder (%).

Third, after the company's registration is complete, delivered to customers in the following documents:
1. Certificate of Incorporation issued by the Secretary of State (CI);
2. Companies Ordinance and the articles of association;
3. American steel company seal, Mariko chapter each one;

The company's shares;
5. The first record of the Board;
6. fine paper boxes.
Fourth, after a successful registration can be found on the government website.
V. Registered: Registered in different states.
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