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Registered US company - Nevada

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Nevada is located on the west coast, east of Utah and Arizona, California, adjacent to the west and adjacent to the north Oregon. Nevada desert itself, more famous cities in the state include: Las Vegas - Las Vegas (Las Vegas), 24 hours known marriage and divorce - Reno (Reno), Carson City (Carson City) is the seat of state government. Statewide population of about 100 million people.
Nevada is known as the West Coast of Delaware (Delaware) states, existing more than 70,000 companies in the establishment. About ten years ago, Nevada began to actively promote the benefits of the new company registered in Nevada, there are 10,000 new companies registered in Nevada every year. Nevada and other states do not communicate with each other within the state company signed tax information agreements, so the federal government can avoid the use of this channel to get Nevada\\\'s tax information. Nevada has no personal income tax and corporate tax. If the company does business in the United States, you do not have to pay federal income tax.

Sign Nevada LLC advantage
★ free of corporate and personal income tax
★ no IRS (IRS) information sharing agreement :( Nevada is the only US did not sign the \\\\ \\\"information sharing agreement \\\\\\\" of the area with the IRS)
★ free franchise tax
★ Asset Protection
★ limited personal liability
★ flexible and useful state coordinating agency
★ good business environment (low initial annual fee) business tax levied according to the number of employees (no employees: $ 25 payable only once)
★ can bypass the US federal income tax
★ provide full liability protection for members
★ Nevada LLC, a member of at least one person. Managers or members do not need to settle in the United States or to US citizens
★ unlimited number of members
★ declare a minimum, high security (as long as the name indicated in the file manager can be, other members can anonymously)
★ members and managers can be a natural person or legal entity
★ Nevada LLC, permanent

Nevada registered company characteristics:
★ no corporate income tax
★ no tax company shares
★ no franchise tax
★ no personal income tax
★ no information sharing agreement I.R.S.
★ delivered normal annual fee
★ minimum reporting and disclosure of information requirements
★ shareholders do not disclose other benefits:
★ shareholders, directors and officers need not live or meeting in Nevada, do not be a US resident.
★ directors need not be shareholders.
★ Nevada officers and directors of the company\\\'s legal problems should bear personal responsibility for the protected.
★ Nevada corporation may purchase, hold or sell, transfer its shares.
★ Nevada companies can invest in stocks issued, services, personal property or real estate leasing and other services. Directors may determine the value of any of these transactions, and their decision shall be final. From a business perspective, the best choice for incorporation of companies should be able to provide in profits, confidentiality and protection of the best combination of those places. Nevada now has more than 150,000 registered companies in this, the Secretary of State\\\'s Office believes Nevada became incorporated offshore company hotspots are mainly attributed to its shareholders the information is not public, do not pay state income taxes and other policies .

Nevada limited liability company features
Limited liability company (LLC) is a new business model. It combines the advantages of joint-stock companies and partnership, the United States became more popular in the composition of cash in the form of company. When in 1990, only Wyoming and Florida can set up this company, and now the 50 US states and Columbia law jurisdictions have enacted LLC. LLC offers its members a legal entity entirely personal responsibility to protect, whether it is a civil infringement? Or contractual issues, joint problem solving by participants in this form known as a member of the administrator. Such members may be individuals or legal entities, such as a stock company. LLC companies doing business in other states or countries. Like many other countries, LLC recognized form of investment companies.

Nevada Management Act
LLC and management by State statute, each state\\\'s laws vary. Given the state\\\'s LLC Act vary, in 1991 the National Committee to begin drafting \\\"Uniform Limited Liability Company Act\\\" (ULLCA), after extensive research, in 1994 began to adopt the bill.

Nevada company formation
Nevada LLC and may consist of one or more individuals. LLC, a person is allowed.

Nevada shareholders
Shareholders at least one person, in addition there is no limit to the nationality of the shareholders. And one company can serve all positions. And bearer bonds is not allowed. Shareholder information will not appear in public records. Nevada, the state government refused to provide information to business owners and shareholders of the US federal government. Directors and shareholders of the company directors and shareholders meeting may be convened at any one place in the world.

Nevada company directors
At least one director. Also there is no limit to the director\\\'s nationality. President, vice president and finance office can be attributed to a single director. Details of directors will not appear in public records. 1987 Nevada state government through legislation to protect the directors, the chairman, vice chairman, secretary and accounting responsibilities. Any act of directors, chairman, vice chairman, secretary and accountant of unintentional harm to the interests of the company do not have the burden of legal responsibility. This is one of many companies or family members as directors of the Company and related companies, jobs, especially in the event of legal proceedings and take over, is a necessary safeguard. Directors and shareholders of the company directors and shareholders meeting may be convened at any one place in the world. Directors of the company have the right to amend the Articles of Association and the Companies Ordinance
Annual reporting Nevada corporation
Report must mention the directors, the chairman, vice chairman, secretary of information each year.

Nevada company naming requirements
Each LLC company name must contain the following words \\\\ \\\"LLC \\\\\\\" (Limited- Liability Company); \\\\ \\\"Limited \\\\\\\" (Limited Company) or \\\\ \\\"limited \\\\\\\" (Limited); or use the abbreviation \\\\ \\\"Ltd, \\\\ \\\"LLC \\\\\\\", \\\\ \\\"LC \\\\\\\", \\\\ \\\"LLC \\\\\\\", or \\\\ \\\"LC \\\\\\\".

Nevada Annual Reports
The need for annual reports, time is at the end of each month of the previous year was established.

Nevada company management
LLC, is a member of the management of established, unless there are other options.

Rights and obligations of members
Members and managers LLC is not responsible for any debts of the company. Member limited liabilities according to their share of contribution and operating agreements statement.

Nevada company contribution
Contributions include cash, property, compensation for service, commitment, or equal to a binding obligation.

Distribution Nevada corporate interests
LLC, may, but need not, according to the contribution of the value of the distribution of profits or allow members to bear the loss.
Nevada company registered acquire items
★ There stamp company
★ Articles
★ officers, directors and agents early data table
★ Federal Tax Identification Number
★ company Combo Pack
★ Nevada limited liability company in the portfolio company manual package contains: stock certificates, loose-leaf ledger, meeting pre-printed, the company seal and pay patients samples.
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