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Date:2021-06-15 | Views:1779
1, in the name of Colorado\'s home in foreign investment and easily with an international consortium, the bank intermediation of international capital to achieve discounted mortgage assets, capital management;
2, in the name of Colorado\'s application letter, ordering the world\'s goods;
3, Colorado local bank account, use the check payments, transfers, working capital, eliminating the hassle and risk of cash settled;
4, in order to directly face the American customers, understand customer needs and to adjust the US marketing strategy to marketable products;
5, directly to the US capital in the name of their company wholly owned domestic property, you can also trade between US companies and to reduce the risk of trade and foreign-related disputes provided for convenience;
6, the establishment of Colorado companies can better develop international brands;
7, Colorado, the company can offer good after registration with the local US bank account, the funds out of convenience, no exchange controls;
8, after the Colorado company registration, and can invest in China to enjoy preferential tax policies of foreign investment;
9, Colorado company after completion of the financing and investment registered worldwide, credible.
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Second, Colorado taxes:

1. Tax: Colorado state government tax levied as follows:
2, the corporate income tax levied on the net income 1.5-5.0%, personal income is between 2.5-8.0%.
3, 3% sales tax.
4, license sales tax: Any corporation engaged in the retail business should obtain a business license tax, license fee of eight dollars.
5, property taxes: property is located in the local government should pay property tax rate levied by the Department estimated value may be. Determine the annual rate levied by the local taxing units; estimates the county property appraisers based on criteria approved by the State Government for approval.
Third, encourage investment measures:

    1. Employment Performance Incentive Fund (Job Creation Performance Incentive Fund): This fund is used to create new salary is higher than the average full-time, fixed employment company performance incentives. A year later the company to maintain jobs, each job can get a reward of $ 1500-4500.
2. Strategic Fund (Strategic Fund Program): For the creation of new, full-time, permanent positions in the company, if the new jobs pay wages equal to or higher than the average, the fund will provide financial incentives to companies to provide front-end. Depending on the wages of new jobs, employment location and other factors, incentive funds from $ 2,000 to $ 5,000 range. The main purpose of the project is to support the design of high demand, the impact of the larger jobs.
3. Regional Tourism Act (Regional Tourism Act): This bill is mainly local state government to attract foreign tourists and design, the bill would establish a regional tourist area, and the establishment of regional tourism authority, responsible for the collection and use of tourism in the region generated sales tax used to provide financing for projects to improve the tourist areas.
    4. Colorado Innovation Investment Tax Credit (Colorado Innovation Investment Tax Credit): This policy is mainly used to encourage, promote and stimulate business investment in Colorado, and for 2010 to invest in new technologies, new products, new technology research and development and other small, early Business investment, investor or entity can obtain state income tax credit. The main purpose of the policy to encourage investment in human early stage angel capital companies.
5. Colorado Credit Reserve (Colorado Credit Reserve): This project will establish a loan loss reserve fund pool for loans registered in the project, the bank or lending institution can make up for loan losses by fund pool, the main purpose of the project is for small businesses provide credit support.
    6. Employment Growth Incentive Tax Credit (Job Growth Incentive Tax Credit): mainly used for employment is only possible in Colorado appeared in the project, supported by the tax credit program for employment growth in line with the Committee for Economic Development Incentive offer state income tax credit.
   7. Enterprise Development Area Project (Enterprise Zone Program): This project is mainly used to encourage enterprises to invest in economically depressed areas in Colorado, in such areas for the construction of the enterprise, the state government provides nine different categories of enterprise development zone tax credit (Enterprise Zone Tax Credit), encourage employment and investment in the region.

Fourth, an important industry in Colorado

(A) the territory of Colorado\'s major industries, including: aerospace, computer software, computer and peripheral equipment, telecommunications equipment, microcomputer, and biotechnology and other high-tech materials. The total number of companies in these industries approximately 1200, the total number of employees up to 120, 000 people.
(B) the Colorado Center for American rocket production, large companies such as Martin Marietta Astronautics Group, Ball Corporation, Aerospace Group, Hughes Aircraft Co., Lockheed, etc. are located here.
(C) Denver is the world\'s only available in Asia, Europe, Africa, Latin America, one-time reflection of the satellite broadcast locations, so the American Telephone Company (AT & T) and other major telecommunications companies are selecting their international communications center in Denver.
(Four), Colorado major center for the manufacture of various medical devices, Denver in organ transplantation (such as pancreas, liver, heart, lung, kidney) leader. The state has more than two hundred seventy biotechnology company, and its development in the field of science and technology quite famous.
Five, registration required Colorado company documents and information
An English company intends to use the name of the company more than three
2, members of the company identity information, such as members of the identity card or passport copy, etc;
3, if the excess of a shareholder, the proportion of shares allocated;
4, each member company is now live address to register.
Six Colorado company registered full set of documents and articles
1. Colorado certificate of registration issued by the government
2, Colorado Articles
3, Colorado, the company\'s stock certificate
4, Colorado, the company\'s stock accounts
5, Colorado company first board meeting
6, Colorado, company directors appointed by the book
7, Colorado company seal
8, Colorado company courier service and inform single legal secretarial services
9, Colorado, the company registered a full list of documents received
10. Colorado company fine paper boxes

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