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Florida Company Registration

Date:2015-01-28 | Views:1097
Florida Investment Company Act Merger Law patterns Florida company set up branches in the tax law is still a parent. Tax on the establishment of subsidiaries of US companies with the general independence, but still maintain the relationship between the parent company and.
Florida investment incentive measures
(A) Florida - taxes incentives:
No state corporate income tax.
No personal state income tax.
None of the statewide property tax.
Inventories are exempt from property taxes.
Transit within 180 days of the end product is not required to pay property taxes.
Export of goods manufactured in Florida specifically for business tax-free.
Producing material free from sales tax.
Boiler fuel-free sales tax.
Manufacturing sales tax-free electricity.

(B) Other Florida sales tax and use tax-free items on:
Transfer of silicon technology industry, including manufacturing and R & D facilities.
New companies or expand plants are required to purchase the equipment.
Who meet the conditions of the preceding paragraph, it is derived of labor, parts and materials and other maintenance work.
Airplane maintenance, sales and leasing.
Required for the base of the Florida Space commercial space activities related equipment.
The required research and development of labor costs.

Florida investment restrictions

No outsiders investment restrictions.

Florida investment authority, the application process and review process

Former foreign companies to invest in the business in Florida, should be in accordance with state law, county law and various city laws apply, so the investment authority, as the program may be, and not because of the investment industry, region.

Florida Company Registration: Articles presented to the state government registry and register the company name. Relevant forms and related information required to obtain the department, its name and address is as follows:
Florid Department of State,
Division of Corporations,
P.O. Box 6327,
Tallahassee, Florida 32314.

Employers apply for identity card: All companies are required to the Federal IRS (Internal Revenue Service) application for employer identity card (Employer ID Number), belongs to the Florida Department of Revenue Service regional office in the jurisdiction of Georgia, whose address is as follows:
U. S. Internal Revenue Service
Atlanta, GA 39901
Tel: 1-800-829-3676

American business license: the county where the company, the city government for the issuance.

Company to lease, sell the property for taxation as the main business, should the Florida Department of Revenue to obtain sales tax registration and tax number (Sales Tax Number).

Florida plant and office rent

The main industrial area factory rents between about 3.25 to 15.50 US dollars per square foot office park (Office Parks) rent per square foot between 9-25 US dollars, the rent per square foot office building between 13.50 to 50 US dollars.

Florida labor regulations

(A) Florida labor supply, quality and wages: Florida non-agricultural sector labor force of about 717 million dollars, the average level of education in the first place in the southeastern states. Average hourly wages in the manufacturing sector between $ 8─20, the service sector average hourly wages between $ 6─25.

Florida Public Facilities

(A) Florida Power supply: Statewide total public and private electricity supply undertakings count 55, which generate electricity of 23 career, remaining in power for lost business. Generating capacity of more than 44,000 one million watts.

(Two), Florida Telecommunications: Florida has a fiber-optic cable communication networks, trade messaging, and online operations are extremely convenient, telephone, fax, electronic communications major cities in the United States reached the standard, that every person has seven main 10 available.

(C) the Florida Transportation: transportation modes include rail, road, air, sea and other statewide total of 14 deep-water commercial port, 5 Boat Quay, nine shallow-water ports in Hong Kong and 4; including 16 Department of Customs clearance designated port. Air transport, Florida has 125 public airports, including 22 commercial airports operating scheduled flights (12 airports have international flights), major sea and air port of Fort Lauderdale (FT. Lauderdale), Jacksonville (Jacksonville), Miami, DVN (Tampa) and so on. Rail and road transport, the Florida territory four major interstate highways leading to the southeastern United States market; there are 14 railway freight system, is about 3,000 miles. If from Florida to trucking, just one day, you can reach the region accounted for 60% of the population of the United States.

Florida Other information

First, Florida Commercial schedule: general corporate line number from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm (9:00 am to 4:00 banks pm), working five days a week; supermarkets 9:00 am to 9 pm : 00 (part of the supermarket for 24 hours a day), Monday to Sunday.

Second, Florida Time Zone: In addition to the case of the Northwest Florida Central time zone, the rest of the Eastern time zone (slower than the central time zone one hour), April to October each year for Daylight Saving Time.

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