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Register benefit US companies

Date:2021-06-15 | Views:1500
Register benefit US companies
★ with international brands, improve enterprise efficiency
★ companies to expand overseas, reverse investment
★ United States to facilitate business activities
★ avoid foreign exchange management, facilitate foreign capital
★ facilitate international trade, to avoid tariff barriers
★ reduce cooperation with US companies and trade risk
★ registration process convenient, open, low cost
★ legitimate tax avoidance, reducing financial, tax burden
★ Easy management, without shareholders' meeting
★ company registration information and documents highly confidential
The United States has the world's most developed market mechanism and the largest consumer market. Registered companies in the United States and set up basic business organization is a key step to develop the international market, domestic companies, domestic companies to make the most efficient way to becoming a truly international business.

On the world market, US companies have strong forces, image quality, stylish and integrity. By registering US companies and international companies to establish a brand image, will bring immeasurable convenience and success potential of domestic companies.

Another US is the world's largest trading nation in goods and services, but also immigrants hotspots around the world, the most economically developed countries, where founded his own company, the development of the company's business, eventually becoming the inhabitants, but also a lot of people dream of thing. The Association is located in the scenic Los Angeles, the company experienced a US registered accountants, lawyers charge, to provide professional registration various US companies and multinational's US subsidiary, the contractor of the license application for the US professional services for domestic success who emigrated to the US investment or bypass paving, make every effort to realize the dream of entrepreneurs.

Registered as a US company will bring the following benefits:

1, with international brands, enhance corporate image, improve enterprise efficiency:

Today, global economic integration, cross-border business increasingly present trend, offshore company incorporation is the business to the world, to carry out cross-border business and enhance the international image of corporate shortcuts. And US companies in markets around the world have strong, excellent quality, advanced technology and style honest image. So by registered US company and international companies to establish your brand image will be your first choice, but it will bring immeasurable convenience and potential for success everyday business of your company's marketing activities. And when you conduct foreign trade business, you sign up for American companies can easily obtain the trust of foreign enterprises, enhance the confidence to work with you to improve your company's success rate.
Today, many large companies are based on product features, select overseas company registration, such as: high-tech industry, instruments, equipment, health food, cosmetics, clothing and other well-known companies, mostly US companies, these companies will choose to register the US company, after the success of the company registered in the name of the United States authorized the Company to China / Hong Kong / Southeast Asia production. Not only improve the image of the product, while increasing sales value. And you can also be the name of your company in the United States and abroad to sell your products, create well-known brands. Or Acting US and other international famous brand products, high-tech and business services. You can also international trademark registered in the name of American capital in the domestic joint ventures, help develop the market.

2, reasonable tax, reduce the financial, tax burden:

All offshore jurisdictions have varying degrees provides for revenues and profits made offshore companies are exempt from local taxes or very low tax rate (eg 1%) to pay. We can use the proper tax arrangements for overseas companies, legitimate tax avoidance.
In China all foreign companies have reduced or duty-free policy, the use of international transfer pricing allocation of profits and expenses, such as the United States is not in business, may waive the corporate income tax, corporation tax and personal income tax shares, only to deliver normal annual fee can , so will save you considerable tax burden every year.

3, to facilitate international trade, to avoid tariff barriers:

In today if an enterprise wants to export products to the United States, you need to apply quotas, and handle a range of relevant procedures, which need to spend more than the middle one to two times the cost. And if the company has an offshore company, offshore companies by the company to export products, and then to the United States from an offshore company, you can save the trouble to handle the relevant procedures, saving you time, indirectly, that is to save you the costs, and also can bypass the tariff barriers, access to duty-free treatment to make your success circumvent export quotas. Greatly improve your trading amount

4. Reverse Investment:

The establishment of American companies can invest in the mainland, became foreign or joint ventures, enjoy the treatment of foreign investment. Simply means that when you register after the establishment of US companies, with their own money with your own business, if you do not have America's signs, you are the domestic business, but after you register, you are joint ventures, you will be in one respect enjoy foreign treatment, such as may be exempt from tax and other policies. That's you in the name of the United States in the official language in China to establish joint ventures, cooperative and wholly owned enterprises to participate in the equity restructuring or asset acquisitions, and enjoy the state-funded enterprises to give preferential treatment.

5, immigration and visa facilitation

Immigration is a dream of many people in the United States, but too high a threshold so that the majority of business people discouraged, when you register after the US company, you as a shareholder of overseas companies (equity, property, assets) you will get to prove the law. You can always provide opportunities for the United States for their own business, you can order your invitations on behalf of US companies, which greatly facilitates the visa, studying children, relatives and friends guarantee, organizing business trips for your family emigrated to remove the obstacles.

6, to avoid foreign exchange management, facilitate overseas listing:

Due to the current limitations of the foreign exchange system, overseas listing system is very strict, but also there are many man-made factors, which directly affects the business of international foreign capital and overseas listing plan, registered US company to increase overseas financing capacity, may apply directly to the relevant business in the local or project loans, directly or indirectly, listed overseas; or when the domestic parent company in overseas financing, foreign companies will play an invaluable role. And because the transfer of funds offshore company without any restrictions, it would be very convenient in that you use on the company's capital. Registered US company has one of the largest in the US capital that can be used directly in the US stock market on behalf of RTO, quickly raise international capital, reducing valuable time because you consumed financing.

7, the registration process is convenient, low cost:

US company registration process is very simple, usually by a professional registered agent on behalf of complete, without registering in person to registration. Incorporated cost less, and there is no verification provisions, the registered share capital without paying.

8, the name of freedom of choice, no region-wide business scope and limitations:

Registered US company without limitation name, you can choose whatever you like company name, and in front of the United States may be preceded by the XX company; after the company name as a "associations, foundations, organizations, learn / college, federal / alliances, joint enterprise / consortium.
In the domestic law of the country of business enterprises and regions have clear requirements, but US companies are not so strict, in addition to individual restricted industries, such as banking, insurance, military, etc., almost no limit US company's business scope, in addition to registration outside the region, the company can conduct business and operate in any country in the world, which greatly avoids your business in the future development and growth after if you want to conduct business suffered restrictions in other countries.

9, data security and good:

Shareholder information company, shareholders, equity ratio, earnings and other information highly confidential and protected by law, the public and local government agencies are not entitled to access, only legally acquired the company authorized trust management companies can access company registration information. Meanwhile, the law prohibits any foreign trust management companies disclose relevant material, which to a great extent to protect your company's corporate secrets.

10, Easy Company management:

Overseas companies need not hold an annual general meeting of shareholders and board of directors, even if held, its location can be arbitrarily chosen, the management procedures are simple, you can move forward with ease, put all our energy into company management.

11, you can in the name of your company in the United States to foreign buyers, investment and easily with an international consortium, the bank intermediation of international capital to achieve discounted mortgage assets and capital management.

12, you can apply for letters of credit on behalf of US companies, ordering global goods.

13, you can open a bank account in the United States the local use of the check payments, transfers, working capital, eliminating the hassle and risk of cash settled.

14, you can directly face the American customers, understand customer needs the United States to adjust marketing strategies, make the product marketable.

15, you can order the US capital on behalf of a wholly owned direct domestic ownership of their company, but also between your US companies to trade and reduce trade risk, and facilitate your foreign disputes.
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